Users of the World Unite!






The article titled users of the world, unite! The challenges and opportunities of social media, by Andreas M Kaplan* and Michael Haenlein, talks about what social media is, and the challenges of using social media in today’s world. According to the article, social media is the act of using creation and exchange of content generated by users on Internet applications. The challenges faced in social media depend on which type of social media application is being used. For example, when using blogs its important to watch for customers who are dissatisfied with products who use blogs to complain. The next challenge falls into the same category, but involves employees who use blogs and may write negative things about their companies. The article also gives some points about using social media that include: choose carefully, pick the application, ensure activity alignment, integrate your media plan, and have access for all people. Reading this article has given me some insight into using social media in my future career.


I found this article interesting because social media is becoming a huge part of the business world because so many people are using it on a regular basis. Throughout attending NAIT, the point about using social media to further a business and to use social media as a free advertising tool has been emphasized. I feel that these points are important to know because of a picture I found that shows the statistics of adults who are using social media and how those numbers have grown in the last few years (see below). Having this information is going to help my career as a manager or business owner because I well be able to utilize social media to my advantage.


(Brandignity, Percent of online adults using social media* Monthly, by age)

I plan to use social media to advertise for free in the future. I feel that this is the most beneficial aspect for a business to have because it is low cost and can reach a large number of people in a short amount of time. Also by the results of the chart, 98% of people aged 18-24 are using social media sites in 2010, which means that in 2013, that number may be even higher. I think that social media is a very interesting new application and I’m excited to dig deeper into it and learn how to use it to my advantage in the future. 

Brandignity. (Producer). Percent of online adults using social media* Monthly, by age [Web Graphic]. Retrieved from


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