Energizing Employees Using The Groundswell

This weeks blog posting is focused on getting the employees more involved with the business interactions by using aspects of the Groundswell. Bernoff and Li give three examples of companies who have used the Groundswell to energize their employees. First Best Buy and their Blue Shirt Nation website is highlighted. This website give employees a voice to talk to top management and each other to solve problems. Next the company Razorfish demonstrates the importance of corporate blogs to stimulate interactions within a business. The last company profiled is Bell Canada and shows how implementing a simple question and rating system for the employees has improved everyday business operations. The two companies strategies that Brewster’s could utilize would be Best Buy and Bell Canada.

            Blue Shirt Nation was created to give the sales associates at the Best Buy stores a voice in what was happening within the company. The marketing managers realized that the Best Buy “Blue Shirts” were the ones who would know the most about what was going on in the stores. They created a website where the employees could go and talk among themselves to help stimulate ideas and it also offered support from employees to employees. Brewster’s could benefit from implementing an employee site where they could go and talk to each other and offer suggestions to top management. This site would also be beneficial for employees that work at multiple Brewster’s locations because they can keep up to date with what is happening within each restaurant. The owners can also keep an eye on this site to see where improvements can be made within each restaurant. This site can also incorporate aspects from Bell Canada.

            Similar to Best Buy, Bell Canada realized that there were quite a few issues happening in their stores in regards to their retail employees. They decided to implement a program where employees can give suggestions on things they would like to change, other employees vote on if they like the idea or not, than the suggestions with the top votes go in for a review to see if they should be implemented. This has helped to energize the employees and give them a voice within the company. Brewster’s could add this feature to the site where employees go to interact with each other to try and better the restaurants on the employee level. This could lead to better service to customers and happier employees in the long run.  


Li, C. & Bernoff, J.  (2011) Groundswell: winning in a world transformed by social technologies. Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Publishing


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