Energizing Employees Using The Groundswell

This weeks blog posting is focused on getting the employees more involved with the business interactions by using aspects of the Groundswell. Bernoff and Li give three examples of companies who have used the Groundswell to energize their employees. First Best Buy and their Blue Shirt Nation website is highlighted. This website give employees a […]

Energizing the Groundswell

This weeks post is a little late, but we well be addressing how companies can energize their customers in the groundswell. The main point that Bernoff and Li are making during this section is that the most effective way to advertise your company is by word-of-mouth-marketing. Word-of-mouth-marketing happens best when the customers are energized and […]

Twitter and the Groundswell

This week we will look at how companies can use twitter to interact with the groundswell. First we well address the question: what is twitter? Twitter is a social media site where users have 140 characters or less to update what they are doing or to get a point across to people who have taken […]

Using the Groundswell as a support tool

This weeks discussion on the Groundswell well address the possibility of using the Groundswell to help support the company and the consumers of the product or service. Bernoff and Li give some very interesting examples of how using the Groundswell for support issues can in fact save companies money in their book titled Groundswell: Winning […]

Talking with the Groundswell!

Objectives are one of the steps in the POST process as was previous stated. This step involves figuring out the end goal of using the groundswell and why you are going to use the groundswell to get there. One of the techniques that can be used for this step is talking; this step involves spreading […]

POST Process

The planning process that should be used to build a groundswell strategy is called the four-step POST method. POST stands for people, objectives, strategy, and technology. People: People asks the questions about what your consumers are ready for. This refers to the social technographics profile and being able to predict and figure out where your […]

Listening to the Groundswell

After figuring out the different streams of social media that your target market is using, the next step is to listen to what your market is saying or how they are reacting to posts on those sites. This can be done by questionnaires or observing blog posts and noting what patients are saying negatively about […]

The Social Technograpic Profile

Have you ever wondered about the many different ways people are able to participate in the growing world of the groundswell? Or how to group them all into segments so you can better reach your target market while using social media applications? Well understanding the social technographic profiles of the people using your site will […]

Users of the World Unite!

          The article titled users of the world, unite! The challenges and opportunities of social media, by Andreas M Kaplan* and Michael Haenlein, talks about what social media is, and the challenges of using social media in today’s world. According to the article, social media is the act of using creation […]